Around Bad Tölz

Bad Tölz is a climatic spa with about 18,000 residents. The typical upper-bavarian small town is right in the foothills of the Alps on 645 m above sea level. Thanks to this altitude heat waves, humidity and fog are very seldom. The scientifically proven healthy climate and the famous "champagne air" have been traditional treatments for respiratory ailments.


Discover the pedestrian area at the town center with its historical facade frescos. Sit down at one of the street cafés and enjoy the flair or our beautiful town. Explore our town and its surroundings via our extensive network of promenades and trails. You will find lots of activities in both summer and winter.


Culture, tradition and the picturesque landscape of the foothills of the Alps merge in the beautiful valley of the river Isar. Several mountains are right at the doorstep of Bad Tölz. Enjoy diverse hiking trips around mountains benediktenwand, Herzogstand, Wallberg and Karwendel.


The river Isar divides the town into two quarters: The lively city centre in the east and the quiet spa resort in the west. Jump into the crystal clear water of our iridescent lakes in the summer or go for ice skating in the winter.


Within 10 km (walking distance)
Wackersberg, Gaißach, Lenggries. Mountains Brauneck, Blomberg and Zwiesel. Abbey Reutberg, lake Kirchsee, etc.

Within 20 km (cycling distance)
Lakes Sylvensteinsee,  Walchensee, Kochelsee, Tegernsee and Starnberger See. Abbey Benediktbeuern.

Within 50 km (driving distance)
Munich, Grünwald, Innsbruck, Rosenheim, Ahornboden, lakes Ammersee, Achensee, etc.